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President Trauth Wants to Hear Your Voice

In my spring 2017 welcoming email and video, I informed you that we have created a forward-thinking agenda that includes suggestions that were made by faculty, staff, and students in the fall 2016 semester. The agenda includes suggested action that we can take as a campus community to preserve and enhance the shared respect that allows Texas State to be an open, diverse, accepting academic community that treasures and values each member of our Bobcat Family. We have implemented many of these suggestions, and we are in the process of asking other stakeholders in our community to engage with us in evaluating and planning how we can work together to implement the viable and workable suggestions that remain on the list.

I believe that there are more voices to be heard and more suggested action items that you may want us to add to this agenda for consideration and study. I am using this “suggestions for improvement” survey tool to gather additional action item ideas.

Please let me hear your voice by clicking on the “Send Suggestion for Spring Action Agenda” button below.

I’m listening.