University Police Department

President Denise Trauth
September 6, 2018

One of our highest priorities at Texas State University is to continuously improve the safety of our students, faculty, and staff in every possible way. 

As a part of that ongoing effort, as you know the University Police Department (UPD) participated in a peer review led by three external university chiefs of police under the auspices of the peer review program of the International Association of College and University Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA) this summer.

The results of the peer review, which looked at over 120 aspects of running a university police department, will help to guide strategic planning and short-term actions in improving UPD in a myriad of ways over the next few years.

I would like to thank Captain Rickey Lattie for his service as our Interim Chief of Police over the past few months and for his willingness to continue in that role as we now prepare to launch the search for our next Chief of Police. 

The IACLEA review included an in-depth examination of the organizational structure of UPD and the team strongly urged us to consider a change in that organizational structure prior to commencing the search for a new Chief of Police.

As the national landscape in which law enforcement officers operate has become more and more complex and challenging in recent years, university law enforcement has not been immune. 

In fact, our police officers and leadership face many of the same life and death decisions as your municipal counterparts while also balancing your role as university ambassadors and student advisors in a way that nonuniversity police do not. 

As the university policing profession continues to advance, most universities around the country have moved the day-to-day supervision of police departments out of the Student Affairs division. 

The peer review team has recommended that Texas State make the same change as we move forward.

After careful consideration and discussion, we have decided to move UPD from the Division of Student Affairs to the Division of Finance and Support Services.

This move will better enable the level of close coordination needed among all of the areas of responsibility that comprise different aspects of public safety on our campuses, such as environmental health and safety, risk management, disaster recovery, emergency management, business continuity, and parking. 

I want to underscore that this change does not in any way change the mission of UPD, the students first philosophy of the department, the importance of the Division of Student Affairs in leading issues related to student engagement, retention and conduct, or the community-based approach we take to policing.

I want to take this opportunity to recognize the consummate leadership of Dr. Joanne Smith in her many years of overseeing UPD at Texas State. 

She will continue to be an important part of police decisions. 

Moving forward, the Chief of Police will become a direct report to Mr. Eric Algoe, Vice President for Finance and Support Services, and Mr. Algoe will chair the search for our next Chief with the goal of having a new chief in place in early 2019. 

Dr. Margarita Arellano, Dean of Students, will co-chair the search. 

Prior to Mr. Algoe coming to Texas State, the Police Department at Florida State University (FSU) reported to him. 

At FSU, Mr. Algoe was intimately involved in the multiyear process of achieving police department accreditation which is a goal we will pursue at Texas State over the coming years.  

In conclusion, I want to thank all of the hardworking police officers and staff in UPD for what you do every day, and for the support you will give to our search for a new Chief of Police commensurate with Texas State’s position as one of the best, largest, and most inclusive universities in America.

Thank you.