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Texas State University

Black Lives Matter

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

It is difficult to find the words to share this news with you. Today, I learned one of our students, Justin Howell, was critically injured in a protest in Austin on Sunday, May 31.

What was already a heartbreaking situation has hit painfully close to home. We are thinking of his family, friends, and classmates during this time and hope for his full recovery and healing.

We are in the middle of a national emergency centuries in the making, and people are crying out to be heard. The headlines, the videos, and the experiences of our community are overwhelming to watch, and now one of our own in the Texas State community has been gravely hurt.

Black Lives Matter. It is not debatable at Texas State. Justin Howell’s life matters. Black lives matter in our classrooms, on our campuses, and in the streets during tumultuous protests. They matter every moment of every day, no exceptions, no debate. I am committed to the struggle for their dignity, humanity, rights, voice, and safety.


Denise M. Trauth