LGBTQIA+ Advisory and Resource Network

Dear Texas State University Community,

In January 2020, I convened a university-wide LGBTQIA+ Task Force, led by Dr. Michael Casey, President of ALLIANCE and Senior Lecturer in the Ingram School of Engineering. The charge of the Task Force was to identify ways for Texas State University to provide more support to our LGBTQIA+ community.  Dr. Casey presented the Task Force’s recommendations to President’s Cabinet on April 6, 2020.

I am grateful to the Task Force members for their hard work, thoughtful recommendations, and unwavering commitment to create an environment where all members of the Texas State LGBTQIA+ community feel safe, respected, and valued.  

A priority recommendation accepted by the President’s Cabinet was to make the Task Force a permanent entity at Texas State.  Moving forward, the Task Force will be the LGBTQIA+ Advisory and Resource Network with members providing valuable advice on university climate issues and assisting to implement initiatives and other recommendations presented by the Task Force.  Additionally, the Network will identify support services and resources for our Round Rock Campus.  Interim Chief Diversity Officer and Director of the Office of Equity and Inclusion, Dr. Stella Silva, will be the designated point of contact between the Network and the President’s Cabinet to facilitate implementation of recommendations.

Supporting our Texas State LGBTQIA+ community is vital to strengthen our university climate and improve our culture of inclusion.  I, and my Cabinet, look forward to working alongside the LGBTQIA+ Advisory and Resource Network to create a working and learning environment that affirms and welcomes all members of our Texas State community. 


Denise M. Trauth