A Message from President Denise M. Trauth

November 12, 2021 | Sent to Faculty, Staff, and Students

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

Last year, we made an important organizational change at Texas State University which joined Student Diversity and Inclusion in the Division of Students Affairs, Talent Acquisition in Human Resources, and the Office of Equity and Inclusion to form Institutional Inclusive Excellence within the Division of University Administration. The purpose of the reorganization was to further elevate and integrate the outstanding work and programs of the diversity, equity, inclusion, and access (DEI&A) professionals at Texas State.

With this change, I also approved the creation of an Associate Vice President for Institutional Inclusive Excellence/Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) position. However, since we were in a hiring freeze at that time, the position was filled on an interim basis. 

On September 20, 2021, I announced we would begin a national search to permanently fill this position.  Since then, members of the Associate Vice President for Institutional Inclusive Excellence/CDO search committee have engaged in a series of listening sessions with campus constituency groups to gain an understanding of desired qualifications, experiences, and characteristics of the successful candidate. Search committee members have also received input on the opportunities, challenges, and environment related to the position. Questions arose during those sessions about where this new position was situated in the university's overall organizational structure. Last week, I met with the search committee members to listen to their feedback. 

Through my conversations with the committee and from reviewing best practices in higher education for DEI&A, I have decided to elevate the Associate Vice President for Institutional Inclusive Excellence/CDO to a Vice President position that will lead the Division of Institutional Inclusive Excellence.  This better situates the position for success and lays the groundwork to continue creating a university climate where all are supported and belong. 

The national search will continue to fill the Vice President for Institutional Inclusive Excellence.  I appreciate the efforts of the search committee members and encourage the university community to engage in this search process. As the process unfolds, more will be shared.


Denise M. Trauth