A Message from President Denise M. Trauth

August 23, 2021 | Sent to students

Welcome, Bobcats!

It’s good to be back in full force. 

Staying together on our campuses for the entire fall semester will take a strong commitment from all of us. Texas State University has a great plan for preventing the spread of COVID-19 on our campuses, but its success is up to each of us! The plan only works if we all do our part.

For more than 18 months, we have waited for the resumption of in-person teaching, learning, and student activities. Because of the current COVID-19 surge caused by the Delta variant, I urge you to take these six actions so we can continue to meet in-person:

  1. Get vaccinated. 
  2. Mask-up indoors at all times.
  3. Get tested at least every two weeks.
  4. Report to Bobcat Trace if you test positive for COVID-19 or have had close contact with someone who received a positive test.
  5. Stay home and get tested if you develop cold-like or other COVID-19 symptoms.
  6. Isolate/quarantine as directed by Bobcat Trace. 

(Visit the Texas State Roadmap to learn about these six steps and more precautions.) 

Students, later today, you will be emailed:

  • a link to “Keep Texas State Safe: Steps to Stop the Spread” which we ask you to complete before August 27, 2021; and
  • an invitation to a special, virtual town hall on Thursday, August 26, 2021, at 5:30 p.m. to hear updates on COVID-19 transmission patterns, the Delta variant, health and safety measures for fall, mass vaccinations, and how to communicate to your faculty if you need to quarantine or isolate. The town hall will include a question-and-answer session.

We ask you to commit to these important steps or we run the risk of being forced back to remote teaching, learning, and student support. Let’s make sure that we keep the full Texas State University experience this fall. 

We can do this Bobcats. Let's work together to keep COVID-19 out of our campuses. So, I urge you to mask up and vaccinate for Texas State!

Stay safe and well,

Denise M. Trauth