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Texas State University

University Convocation and Annual General Faculty Meeting 2021

Driving what's NEXT at Texas State

Faculty and Staff Honorees

A number of faculty and staff were recognized for their efforts and contributions leading to accolades, awards, tenure and promotion, and other distinguished achievements in both 2020 and 2021. Browse the honorees at the links below or download the slideshow of faculty and staff recognized at Convocation.

Highlights of Achievements from the Past Year

There are countless achievements among members of the Bobcat family that have filled us with pride over the past year. Click the boxes below to expand each area and view additional milestones and honors.

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    • Eleven Texas State programs were named among the Best Graduate School Rankings for 2022 by U.S. News and World Report. The criminology, health care management, and physical therapy graduate programs placed in the top 100 nationally, and the McCoy College of Business Administration was named on the Best Business Schools list.
    • Texas State University was ranked in the top 6.3% of 19,788 universities worldwide in the Global 2000 List by the Center for World University Rankings. For the third consecutive year, Texas State was named on the Times Higher Education University Impact Rankings as a top university for providing education for social impact.
    • Texas State tripled the merit-based scholarship program – increasing it from $5.4 million to $15.9 million. The university expanded the Bobcat Promise Program to provide free tuition and fees to Texas students from families who make less than $50,000 a year.
    • Texas State awarded $33.4 million in emergency grants to students through the Bobcat Cares program. Nearly 26,000 students received grants from Bobcat Cares to help pay for tuition, housing, food, books, and other necessities. Texas State plans to award an additional $40 million in CARES funding to students in fall 2021, and another $7 million in spring 2022.
    • Texas State donors and philanthropic leaders are passionate about helping students reach their full potential. The university raised $12 million in the first three quarters of fiscal year 2021.
    • Texas State earned membership in the 5+ Club from the Physics Teacher Education Coalition. This puts Texas State in the 99th percentile of all U.S. colleges and universities, and among just eight universities in the country and two in Texas, to receive this honor.
    • Three new degree programs launched in the fall of 2020 to meet workforce demand and educate graduates for evolving industries: a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies; a Master of Science in Construction Management; and a Master of Science in Quantitative Finance and Economics.
    • Texas State announced a record-setting master's graduate degree enrollment of 1,374 for the 2020 fall semester, a 24.3% increase over the previous year. Four new graduate degree programs contributed to the increase.
    • After a rigorous review, Texas State University Libraries was invited to join the prestigious Association of Research Libraries, an important milestone on the university’s path to becoming eligible for the Texas’ National Research University Fund. 
    • Reviewers representing the university’s accreditation agency, SACSCOC, found Texas State to be fully in compliance for reaffirmation.
    • Texas State’s University Events Center was selected as one of the venues to host the 2021 NCAA Division I Women's Basketball Championship. Texas State hosted six games in the first-round play of the tournament, showcasing on national television university facilities and all the wonderful things Texas State has to offer.
    • The Texas Legislature awarded the university funds to establish the Community Health and Economic Resiliency Research (CHERR) Center for Excellence. Led by Dr. Melinda Villagran, director of the Translational Health Research Center and professor in the Dept. of Communication Studies, CHERR will unite business and community leaders with healthcare organizations and researchers to anticipate and respond to public health and safety threats.
    • The National Institutes of Health awarded Texas State a five-year $1.2 million grant to support the Undergraduate Research Training Initiative for Student Enhancement. The project focuses on undergraduate success and raises awareness about doctoral programs in biomedical sciences. Dr. Karen A. Lewis in the Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry serves as the principal investigator. (College of Science and Engineering)
    • Nine faculty from the Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Physics, led by Dr. Tania Betancourt, received a nearly $4 million, six-year award from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to establish the NSF PREM Center for Intelligent Materials Assembly (CIMA). The NSF PREM CIMA is a research and education partnership between Texas State and The University of Texas at Austin. The PREM CIMA will promote recruitment, retention, and degree attainment of a diverse student cohort with a pathway into advanced degrees and careers in materials science. The goal is to create new materials based on the assembly of organized molecular and nanoscaled structures. (College of Science and Engineering)
    • An interdisciplinary research team at Texas State was awarded in-kind hardware and cloud computing services from Advanced Micro Devices’ high performance computer fund for COVID-19 research. Texas State’s proposal was led by Dr. Larry Fulton from the School of Health Administration, and included faculty from the Ingram School of Engineering, the Dept. of Computer Science and the Dept. of Psychology. Public collaboration and support also came from Dr. Ted Lehr, Dept. of Computer Science lecturer and data architect for the city of Austin. (College of Science and Engineering)
    • Dr. Shetay Ashford-Hanserd in the Dept. of Organization, Workforce and Leadership Studies in the College of Applied Arts, was awarded a $843,000 award from the National Science Foundation's Faculty Early Career Development Program. The five-year study will support women entering the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
    • Texas State was awarded a $1.5 million reskilling grant from the U.S. Dept. of Education's Education Stabilization Fund Program via the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund. Dr. Todd Sherron from the Dept. of Organization, Workforce and Leadership Studies, managed the grant application to assist up to 1,000 former students return to school and complete degrees. (College of Applied Arts)
    • Drs. Leslie Huling and Kristina Collins from the Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction were awarded a $2.8 million fund extension from NASA for the NASA STEM Educator Professional Development Collaborative, led by Dr. Araceli Martinez Ortiz. This award now totals $24 million over eight years. (College of Education)
    • The research and scholarship of Dr. Araceli Martinez Ortiz has brought in significant externally funded STEM education research grants—totaling more than $40 million—from the Dept. of Education, the National Science Foundation, and NASA, among others. Dr. Araceli Martinez Ortiz leads the LBJ Institute for STEM Education and Research. (College of Education)
    • Dr. Regina Jillapalli, Dr. Alisha Johnson, and Dr. Chris McClanahan from the St. David’s School of Nursing were awarded the Nursing Innovation Grant from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, “Supporting Clinical Learning Experiences to Mitigate Impediments due to COVID-19.” This grant supports nursing student’s psychosocial integrity development, nursing skill competencies, and safe medication administration practices to enhance clinical judgement. (College of Health Professions)
    • Dr. Arzu Ari, a professor in the Dept. of Respiratory Care and associate dean for research in the College of Health Professions, conducted several research projects and published four papers describing how to deliver aerosolized medications safely and effectively to different patient populations in the age of COVID-19. She was invited to present this topic at 12 conferences in Canada, Chile, China, Germany, India, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the US since August 2020.
    • Dr. Maria Resendiz from the Dept. of Communication Disorders and her students worked with Spanish speaking therapists in El Salvador to deliver training about how to serve children who have a repaired cleft palate. (College of Health Professions)
    • The Ingram School of Engineering was awarded funds for The Eisenhower Transportation Fellowship Program for Hispanic Serving Institutions, which provides funding for the pursuit of degrees in transportation related fields. The program attracts the nation's brightest minds to the field of transportation and enhances the careers of transportation professionals by encouraging them to seek advanced degrees. (College of Science and Engineering)
    • The Forensic Anthropology Center at Texas State received a National Institute of Justice grant of $680,000 to support research into estimating the body mass of human remains. (College of Liberal Arts)
    • Dr. Jennifer Clegg in the Dept. of Psychology received a grant from the John Templeton Foundation to research natural and supernatural representations in nonreligious households. (College of Liberal Arts)
    • Dr. Carolyn Boyd, Shumla Endowed Research Professor in the Dept. of Anthropology, was awarded a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. The grant will document and interpret 4,000-year-old Pecos River style rock art in Southwest Texas and Coahuila, Mexico. (College of Liberal Arts)
    • "Exploratory Analysis and Quality Assurance to Support Texas State Use Program Administration," is a joint project between the Ingram School of Engineering and the McCoy College of Business Administration. The Texas Workforce Commission supplied the grant under the direction of Dr. Francis Mendez and Dr. Robert Wright from the Dept. of Computer Information Systems and Quantitative Methods; and Dr. Jesus Jimenez and Dr. Eduardo Perez from the Ingram School of Engineering. (College of Science and Engineering)
    • Dr. Kiyomi Colegrove from the Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction received the 2021 Emerging Scholar Award from the American Educational Research Association’s Critical Perspectives on Early Childhood Special Interest Group. (College of Education)
    • Dr. Carlton Fong from the Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction was selected by the American Educational Research Association to participate in the AERA-Fellowship Program on the Study of Deeper Learning with funding to support his research. AERA is the premier national education research organization. (College of Education)
    • Drs. Taylor Acee, Russell Hodges, Eric Paulson, and Jim Van Overschelde from the Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction received an award of $315,000 from the Greater Texas Foundation to investigate the effectiveness of learning frameworks courses in Texas public community colleges. (College of Education)
    • Texas State reached historic highs in research. Faculty submitted 671 research proposals in fiscal year 2020, the highest annual total in university history. Total research and development expenditures topped a record $70.7 million for fiscal year 2020.
    • In fiscal year 2021, we’ve continued the trend of reaching historic highs. The fourth quarter of this fiscal year is on target to set new institutional records in both restricted research expenditures and total research and development. In June and July, our research and development expenditures reached $15.5 million; and restricted research expenditures topped $8.2 million. We’re poised to carry that momentum through the fourth quarter and into the next year.
    • Dr. Rodney E. Rohde, University Distinguished Professor and chair of Clinical Laboratory Science Program, has been at the forefront of the SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 pandemic as a subject matter expert in international media outlets. Dr. Rohde is the #1 quoted Texas State subject matter expert and has conducted over 150 interviews for podcasts, TV, newspapers, and websites as well as delivered dozens of webinars and workshops at the international, national, state, and local levels. (College of Health Professions)
    • Dr. Gregg Marshall, chair of the Dept. of Respiratory Care, facilitated a partnership with Ascension Seton Williamson to establish the Ascension Seton Williamson Sleep Center at Texas State University’s Round Rock Campus. (College of Health Professions)
    • Cyrus Cassells, a professor in the Dept. of English, was named 2021 Texas Poet Laureate by the Texas Legislature. (College of Liberal Arts)
    • Jennifer Datchuk in the School of Art and Design was selected by the Texas Commission on the Arts as the 2021 State of Texas 3D Artist of the Year. (College of Fine Arts and Communication)
    • The American Academy of Arts and Sciences elected Naomi Shihab Nye, professor of creative writing in the Dept. of English, as one of its newest members. She is among 250 people chosen by the American Academy this year, and the first ever elected from Texas State. (College of Liberal Arts)
    • Eric Sarmiento from the Dept. of Geography, was named one of seven inaugural recipients of the 2021 Early-Career Research Fellowships by the Gulf Research Program of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. (College of Liberal Arts)
    • Dr. Celeste Domsch from the Dept. of Communication Disorders was selected as Regents’ Teacher and was picked as one of the editors-in-chiefs for the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association's journals program. (College of Health Professions, Round Rock Campus)
    • Dr. Emily Brunson from the Dept. of Anthropology received a grant from Johns Hopkins University to study the community's role in an equitable and effective COVID-19 vaccination rollout. She was interviewed and her work cited by several media outlets to help shape public understanding of the vaccine rollout. (College of Liberal Arts)
    • Dr. Stephanie Dailey won the 2020 Linda L. Putnam Early Career Scholar Award from the International Communication Association (College of Fine Arts and Communication)
    • Laurie Fluker from the School of Journalism and Mass Communication was named a 2020 Sun Belt Faculty of the Year recipient. (College of Fine Arts and Communication)
    • Kym Fox from the School of Journalism and Mass Communication won the Society of Professional Journalists President’s Award in 2020. (College of Fine Arts and Communication)
    • Dr. Bahram Asiabanpour from the Ingram School of Engineering won the 2020 Society of Manufacturing Engineers Distinguished Faculty Advisor Award. (College of Science and Engineering)
    • Dr. Jitendra Tate from the Ingram School of Engineering was named the "Composites Educator of the Year 2020" by the Society of Plastics Engineers. (College of Science and Engineering)
    • Dr. Paul Dawkins from the Dept. of Mathematics received the Annie and John Selden Award from the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) for his accomplishments in mathematics education research. (College of Science and Engineering)
    • Dr. Todd Hudnall in the Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry was named a fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. (College of Science and Engineering)
    • Dr. Merritt Drewery in the Dept. of Agricultural Sciences and Dr. Xijun Shi in the Ingram School of Engineering were selected to participate in the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture’s E. Kika De La Garza Fellowship program, which offers faculty and staff from Hispanic Serving Institutions an opportunity to work collaboratively with the USDA to gain insight and understanding of the federal government.
    • The Texas State Black and Latino Playwrights Celebration, led by Eugene Lee, artist in residence in the Dept. of Theatre and Dance, received a Humanities Texas grant to fund 2021 guest artists, including Distinguished Achievement Award recipient Jose Rivera. (College of Fine Arts and Communication)
    • Dr. Cathy Cherrstrom from the Dept. of Organization, Workforce, and Leadership Studies received an Early Career Award from the Commission of Professors of Adult Education of the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education for her contributions in scholarship and research. (College of Applied Arts)
    • Texas State faculty were honored with the Adult Learner Impact Award from the Council for Adult Experiential Learning (CAEL). The award recognized Dr. Todd Sherron, Dr. Carrie Boden, and Dr. Catherine Cherrstrom of the Dept. of Organization, Workforce and Leadership Studies. (College of Applied Arts)
    • Dr. Shetay Ashford-Hanserd in the Dept. of Organization, Workforce and Leadership Studies was invited to serve on Advisory Panel for the Pew Research Center’s national study on Black and Hispanic Americans’ Perspectives on Science in May 2021. She was featured in The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, Higher Education Grants or Gifts of Interest to African Americans. (College of Applied Arts)
    • The Journal of Management Accounting Research honored Dr. Mina Pizzini from the Dept. of Accounting with the 2021 Impact on Management Practice Award. Dr. Pizzini’s co-authored paper, “Using Fixed Wages for Management Control: An Intra-Firm Test of the Effect of Relative Compensation on Performance," also won the journal’s 2021 Best Paper Award. (McCoy College of Business)
    • Dr. Ivilina Popova from the Dept. of Finance and Economics was recognized as the Patrick and Amy McCarter Fellow in Residence at the McCormick School of Engineering, Northwestern University. Dr. Popova also earned a grant from the Energy Information Administration for her work on liquified natural gas prices. (McCoy College of Business)
    • Dr. Carrie Boden from the Dept. of Organization, Workforce, and Leadership Studies won the Exceptional Research/Service in the Field Award from the American Higher Education Alliance (AHEA) in honor of her work on the IAP book series Adult Learning in Professional, Organizational, and Community Settings, which is sponsored by AHEA. (College of Applied Arts)
    • Dr. Tahir Ekin from the Dept. of Computer Info Systems and Quantitative Methods earned a three-year grant from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research for his project, "Hardening JADC2 to Adversarial Data: Theory, Algorithms and Applications.” (McCoy College of Business)
    • Dr. Tahir Ekin and Dr. Greg LaKomski from the Dept. of Computer Science were selected for the National Innovation Corps Program and awarded a grant for the development of artificial intelligence-based software for proactive data quality assessment. (McCoy College of Business)
    • Honors College lecturer Dr. Emily Roehl serves as an artist-in-residence for the Civic Laboratory for Environmental Action Research (CLEAR) Lab in Newfoundland, a feminist, anti-colonial, marine science laboratory. (Honors College)
    • Dr. M. Alejandra Sorto from the Dept. of Mathematics received the 2020–2021 Graduate College Outstanding Mentor Award for her extraordinary success in mentoring graduate students. (Graduate College)
    • Dr. Jodi Holschuh, associate dean for Faculty Development and Strategic Planning, was elected as Fellow of the Council of Learning Assistance and Development Education Associations, the highest honor conferred upon professionals in learning assistance, tutoring, and developmental education. (College of Education)
    • Dr. Carlton Fong from the Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction was named an Association for Psychological Science Rising Star. (College of Education)
    • Dr. Kristina Collins from the Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction received the National Association for Gifted Children's Special Populations Network Early Career Award. (College of Education)
    • Dr. Carla Heffner from the Dept. of Health and Human Performance received the Frank Medina Award from the Southwest Athletic Trainers Association. (College of Education)
    • After summer 2021 study abroad programs were canceled due to the pandemic, McCoy College faculty pivoted and offered Global Online Learning Experience (GOLE) programs at undergrad and graduate levels. They led 32 McCoy graduate students on a “McCoy GOLE Around the World: 5 Continents in 5 Weeks” adventure, featuring panel discussions, strategy challenges, guest speakers, executive roundtables, and interactive cultural experiences from 14 countries. (McCoy College of Business)
    • The Stelos Scholars converged at Texas State in July of 2021 for a week-long design workshop focused on mobility and transit issues. Working alongside representatives from the City of San Marcos, Spin Scooters, and other transit entities, students created innovative design projects to improve how individuals move around San Marcos. The 15-member cohort of Stelos Scholars is part of the Honors College. (Honors College)
    • Victoria Elizondo, a master's student in international studies, was awarded a 2021 Boren Fellowship to study Portuguese in Brazil. Boren Awards provide graduate students up to $25,000 for the intensive study of language and culture overseas. (Graduate College)
    • Fifteen international graduate students received awards from P.E.O. and the American Association of University Women (AAUW) in spring 2021 to support their studies. The P.E.O. International Peace Scholarship (IPS) provides up to $12,500 for women from other countries, and the AAUW International Fellowship provides $20,000 for international women studying at the doctoral level. All of the 11 renewal applicants for P.E.O. IPS were renewed for a second year, bringing the total maximum support for these students to $25,000 each.
    • A doctoral student in aquatic resources and integrative biology, Maria del Mar Moretta-Urdiales, received both a P.E.O. IPS and an AAUW International Fellowship. (Graduate College)
    • Anna Stewart, a 2021 bachelor’s graduate, was a Terry Foundation Scholar and an Undergraduate Research Fellow. She conducted a joint health science-engineering study to evaluate an app created for individuals with autism; and she presented with Texas State's High Performance Engineering Research group at the SXSW Innovation Lab competition, where she placed as a group finalist. She completed her Honors thesis on facial expression recognition accuracy under the direction of Dr. Resendiz of the Dept. of Communication Disorders. She was accepted into the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association’s Minority Leadership Program and was accepted to Harvard Medical School's Division of Medical Sciences Ph.D. program. (College of Health Professions, Round Rock Campus, and Honors College)
    • Students earning their master’s in healthcare administration (MHA) competed in national case competitions with healthcare consulting and boardroom presentations. In the spring 2021, Texas State MHA students Gwen Alpers, Camryn Cagle, and Katharine Heinemann advanced to finals in two national healthcare case competitions. (College of Health Professions)
    • The senior nursing students completed a cumulative total of 4,250 service-learning hours in the spring of 2021. They participated in mass vaccination clinics, sponsored a community health fair, and provided health education in ten local communities. (College of Health Professions, Round Rock Campus)
    • Radiation therapy student Arianna Apodaca received the 2021 LBJ Outstanding Senior Award, which is given annually by the Alumni Association in recognition of outstanding leadership, character, campus and community involvement, and academic success. (College of Health Professions)
    • Fatimah Bouderdaben and Sara Moya, master’s students in anthropology and geography, received 2021 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships awarded to graduate students in STEM disciplines. (College of Liberal Arts)
    • Three applied anthropology doctoral students received Graduate Research Fellowships from the National Institute of Justice. Emilie Wiedenmeyer, Petra Banks, and Mariah Moe each received $150,000 awards. (College of Liberal Arts)
    • Elizabeth Moreno, a junior majoring in geography with a minor in biology, earned a summer internship with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Internship. (College of Liberal Arts)
    • Abigail Heng, Jocelyn Tran, and Tyler Gould received the Taiwanese government's prestigious Huayu language scholarship, which provides free tuition and a monthly stipend to pursue Chinese language studies for six months in Taiwan during the 2021-2022 academic year. (College of Liberal Arts)
    • Anna Martin was named Best Social Media Student of the Year at the 2020-21 Best of Higher Education Social Media Awards during the All Day All Night International Social Media Conference. (College of Fine Arts and Communication)
    • Graduate student Martin Asprey won Best Short Film for “Bicycle Pump” in the London Shorts Film Awards. (College of Fine Arts and Communication)
    • The University Star was named the best collegiate non-daily newspaper in Texas by the Texas Associated Press Managing Editors (College of Fine Arts and Communication)
    • The Texas State Chorale was one of only two United States choirs selected to perform at the London Handel Festival. (College of Fine Arts and Communication)
    • Otto Randolph, a manufacturing and mechanical engineering master’s student, won the Best Student Paper Award for his paper on off-grid vertical farming at the 2020 Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers Conference Modeling & Simulation Division. This research was part of the EverGreen project funded by USDA and led by Dr. Asiabanpour from the Ingram School of Engineering. (College of Science and Engineering)
    • NASA selected the Bobcat CaerusCrete program as a NASA MINDS undergraduate student design project. The project seeks to develop a novel, versatile building material to support future massive construction on the Moon and Mars. (College of Science and Engineering)
    • Texas State’s Undergraduate Student Managed Investment Fund team, mentored by Dr. Holland Toles from the Dept. of Finance and Economics, won first place in the Fixed Income Division competition, sponsored by the largest student-run financial conference in the world. (McCoy College of Business)
    • The Institute of Management Accountants student team – comprised of Amanda Craig, Caitlynn Grimes, Addison LePerre, and Hannah Torres – won the 2020 National Student Case Competition. They were recognized in Strategic Finance, the flagship publication of the Institute of Management Accountants, along with their advisor Dr. Carolyn Conn from the Dept. of Accounting. (McCoy College of Business)
    • The TXST chapter of the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization claimed international honors at the Global Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization Conference. The vice president of the university’s CEO Chapter, Javyn Stubbs, was the 2020 Global CEO “Entrepreneur of the Year.” (McCoy College of Business)
    • Finance students Dylan Amesur, Carson Kennedy, Patrick Kline, Jorge Leyva, and Michael Sassin won first place in the annual CFA Institute Local Research Challenge. Mentored by Dr. Janet Payne from the Dept. of Finance, the team beat Rice, Baylor, Texas A&M, and the University of Houston to advance to the regional competition. (McCoy College of Business)
    • Rezwan Matin, a master’s student in engineering and the winner of the 2020 Texas State 3MT® competition, competed in the 2021 Council of Southern Graduate Schools 3MT® competition. He presented his research on Autism and Emotions. (Graduate College)
    • Blake Joseph Gandy, who earned his master's degree in history, won the 2020-21 Graduate College Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award in the Humanities and Fine Arts. His thesis about desegregation in Fort Worth was directed by the chair of the Dept. of History, Dr. Jeffrey Helgeson. (Graduate College)
    • Oluwasegun Gabriel Olanrewaju, who earned his master's degree in engineering, won the 2020-21 Graduate College Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award in Mathematics, Physical Sciences, and Engineering. His thesis on supply management during disaster relief efforts was directed by Dr. Zhijie Sasha Dong from the Ingram School of Engineering. (Graduate College)
    • Mackenzie Vance, an undergraduate therapeutic recreation student, was awarded the George C. Marshall Leadership Panel Award, which is reserved for the top Army Reserve Officer’s Training Corps Cadets from universities across the nation. (College of Education)
    • Texas State graduate students were selected for 28 external funding awards totaling almost $1 million. Some of the most prestigious awards for graduate students included a Boren Fellowship, NIJ graduate research fellowships, NSF graduate research fellowships, PEO International Peace Scholarships and PEO Scholar Awards. Texas State graduate students have a 100% success rate among PEO International Peace Scholarship renewal applicants.
    • Both Honor Societies housed in the Honors College received chapter awards.  The chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta received the Delta Bronze award due to increases in its membership, and the chapter of Phi Kappa Phi received the Circle of Excellence Platinum award. (Honors College)
    • Gail Sylvester-Conrad, a master’s student in the Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction, was awarded the Philanthropic Educational Organization (P.E.O.) International Peace Scholarship. (College of Education)
    • Veronika “Nika” Teiler, a master’s student studying public health education and promotion, was awarded the Philanthropic Educational Organization (P.E.O) International Peace Scholarship. (College of Education)
    • Noushin Azami’s P. E. O. International Scholarship was renewed. (College of Science and Engineering)
    • Thu Ya Aung, a doctoral student studying school improvement, was awarded a Joseph E. Pryor Doctoral Fellowship from the Alpha Chi National Honor Society. (College of Education)
    • Maryssa Adams, a student in the Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction, was named New Teacher of the Year by the Austin Independent School District. (College of Education)
    • The Bobcat volleyball team won its third consecutive Sun Belt Conference Tournament Championship and its second NCAA Tournament victory in program history. It was also the most wins and matches played in NCAA Division I volleyball this season. 
    • The softball and volleyball teams won NCAA post season championship tournament games.
    • The men’s basketball team won the 2020-21 Sun Belt Conference regular-season championship, marking the program's first championship in the Sun Belt Conference and the first since winning Southland Conference regular-season championship in 1999.
    • Athletics celebrated the graduation of 50 student-athletes in 24 majors representing eight colleges over the last year. In the fall, 220 student-athletes made over a 3.0 GPA, and 183 student-athletes in the spring earned over a 3.0 GPA. 

If you have questions or would like to learn more about any of these milestones, contact TXST University Advancement-Communications at


At the close of President Trauth’s Convocation remarks to faculty and staff, she recited a poem written by renowned poet and novelist, Naomi Shihab Nye, a professor of creative writing at Texas State. This video, which features Texas State graduate students reading the poem, was recorded to celebrate Naomi Shihab Nye being the first Texas State faculty member elected to join the prestigious American Academy of Arts and Sciences.