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Texas State University

Gift from the Heart

conductor in front of a group of students singing
sheet music for "Gift Song"
choral group in a studio

Gift Song

Heart, heart, heart how you long to be
Hope, hope, hope how you dream to be
Deep, deep, deep in this circle
Of love

Sweet, sweet, sweet are the songs we sing
Leaves, leaves, leaves of the living tree
Hold, hold, hold all the joy
Of this love

Wide, wide, wide is the circle
Where we all gather together
And bless, bless, bless all this miracle

Share, share, share every gift we bring
Home, home, home is the memory
And see, see, see with the eyes
Of this love

Wide, wide, wide is the circle...
Wide, wide, wide is the circle....


Gift Song
Poet: Michael Dennis Browne
Composer: Craig Hella Johnson

Texas State Faculty Artists
Flute: Adah Jones
Clarinet: Vanguel Tangarov
Cello: Karla Hamelin
Percussion: Kari Klier
Guitar: Mitch Watkins
Piano: Craig Hella Johnson

Recorded at Fire Station Studios
Engineer: Chris Bell

Texas State Chorale

Directors: Craig Hella Johnson & Joey Martin
Sopranos: Aura Alden, Alexis Alvarado, Ivy Cantu, Martha Rose Hayes, Elizabeth Lester, Madison McCarty, Calieanne Procter, Rachel Reed, Anarra Whitcher, Lyndsea Woodall Altos: Bailey Galindo, Pierce Goddard, Hailey Navaira, Danielle Payne, Carleigh Pollock, Hunter Sabin, Gabrielle Sanchez, Michelle Sanchez, Cassidy Wallace, Joung-A Yum Tenors: Trinidad Agosto, Garrett Cobb, Johnny Edds, Reese Landis, Nathan Nagir, Francis Nieves, Josh Rodriguez, Benjamin Ruiz, Nathan Thompson, Bradley Whitten Basses: William Bohuslav, Manuel Canales, Christian Clow, Garrett Douglas, Collin Friedli, Gregory Hilliard, Heath Lofland, Stephen Richardson, Noah Reinhuber, Matthew Stephens